German as a foreign language

Upcoming classes

Please note:

- I have NO free capacities right now.


- I offer NO free classes.

- If I was recommended to you and you are flexible, please ask at the VHS Bernburg for a place in 
   my classes there. I have several integrations classes running right now.
Mrs. Noack will be        
                                              happy to help you.


                                           - Since I' m mostly having classes, I can only answer written inquiries, no phone calls.





Effective and individually designed private or group tutoring at all levels conveying colloquial, everyday language as well as technical and professional (e.g. medical) language.



Special classes for immigrants and students, preparatory classes for the German citizenship test and all established German language examinations.


  • Elementary courses (Level A 1 to A2)
  • Intermediate courses (Level B1 to B2)
  • Advanced/ Proficiency courses (Level C1 to C2)